Volume 1     1997-1998, The First Year

Issue One, November 1997

"Jacques Costeau VS Princess Di"

"Okeson Expose"

"The Pledge of Allegiance: National Tribute or Government Conspiracy?"

Issue Two, December 1997

"The Cage"

 "Weather Manipulation 101 (Snowdancing for the uninitiated)"

 "Wombat as Mascot? School Board says Yes"


Issue Three, February 1998

"Quintessential Permission Slips"

"The Mailer~Daemon's Lament"

"Saviors of the Worms"

Issue Four, April 1998

"I am NOT a Crook!"

"The Politics of Administrative Space or Dirty Secrets of the Front Office"

"A Brief Freedom"

Issue Five, May 1998

"Ruminations of a Writer Boss"

"An Upside-Down School"

"What I Learned this Year"