June 10th, 2003

Volume 1, Issue 4 is getting put up, got the first 12 pages done today.  I am still not happy with how the scans are turning out so I am going to start converting to HTML.  I wish I had the old PageMaker files, but I doubt Colony still has them.

Found out that I do have all of Volume 2, its Volume 1 I am missing 2 issues, issue 2 and issue 3 (which is why I am doing issue 4 today).  If anyone has a copy that reads this, please email me at  Thanks!



June 9th, 2003

Redid the layout for the site, and put up volume one, issue one.  Still in process of rescanning all the pages of each magazine and getting the size/quality right so that you can read the pages and not take half an hour to download.  Working on a plan the redo all the pages in HTML if this proves to be too much of a challenge. 

I am also missing one of volume two's magazine issues, hopefully I can get in touch with a former member and get a hold of a copy.